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Slider by IWEBIX


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January 11, 2013 10:36 am
Dear Friends;
If you have images you would like to share that demonstrate a special moment of kindness, an action that moved and inspired you, please share them with us! In an effort to spotlight, celebrate and inspire more kind actions, we are promoting a music video titled, “Do The Right Thang“. We are welcoming images from around the world that demonstrate compassion through actions. We are looking for 50 inspiring images!
At this critical juncture, with so many facing unprecedented hardships and challenges, now, more than ever, we need each other to pull through!
If your contribution is selected for the video your name and contribution will be listed among the credits.
Thank you, in advance for your submissions and good luck!
Sincerely yours,
Barbara L. George
Global Garden

FOOD FOR THOUGHT from Cathy Harragian

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The Failure of The GMO Labeling Initiative, Strengthens Organic Labeling

Golden rice (right) compared to white rice (left). Golden rice contains beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A, and was the first genetically modified crop in which an entire biosynthetic pathway was engineered.

The failure of the California initiative to label GMO foods, it got me to thinking that maybe it was not a
failure. Corporate lobbyists spent 45 million opposing advertising,-a waste of their profits.
We are already protected from GMO products by buying certified organic foods. It needs to be
shouted out that an item certified organic is a non GMO product. It points again to the methods of
large corporations to diffuse and disorient the purchasing community through mixing messages.
Corporations target niche markets with double talk to fragment and disassociate their consumers from
making practical shopping choices. An example of this behavior has been shown on a campaign to
target low income inner city consumers to not drink public water but to buy their bottled water. The
water they are selling is not spring water, but water from the public water supply (the same as tap
water) The company spins the idea that the water from the tap is not good enough. Water bottling
companies have put up water dispensing vending machines in lower income neighborhoods. This is
the same water that people will get from their own tap. The water dispensing vending machines are a
way to get people to pay more for water. This is how a corporation uses the newspapers and media to
sell their overpriced tap water to people.

Again all the media attention over labeling of GMO products, may be a tempest in a teapot aimed at
dismaying people about their loss of power and inciting a feeling of powerlessness to the people about
their ability to choose good foods without GMO ingredients. At first the initiative looked like a
negative for GMO ingredients, but now that the vote is over and the initiative “failed”, corporations
promoting GMO products can look at this as a media victory for themselves. Instead lets congratulate
ourselves for choosing organic products and for the corporations wasting $45 million for lobbying
against proposition 37, because we are already protected from GMO products by buying certified
Continuing to do your part in the rejection of GMO products by buying organic food is a great
contribution to improving our food markets. Your purchases are significant, otherwise why would
every single purchase be recorded and inventoried. Lets use the labeling media brouhaha to continue
to use our common sense by buying organic products.
Written by: Cathy Harragian, Bird of the Hand Farm 12/31/12

Our Visit to Heifer International’s Overlook Farm

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October 11, 2012 2:05 pm

     Heifer International’s mission is to work with communities to end hunger and poverty and care for the Earth.

The farm is  located in Rutland, MA about 60 miles west of Boston and we decided to take a trip up there, it was absolutely gorgeous! Other than the amazing produce, they have a large amount of animals like bees, chickens, guinea pigs, ducks, pigs, alpaca, llama, goats, sheep, cattle, water buffalo, yak, a camel, a dog, and several barn cats.

Global Garden’s Board of Directors gathered in Sterling Mass. for their annual meeting. One highlight of their visit to Massachusetts was their tour of Heifer International’s 270 acre Overlook Farm.

Kudos to this charitable organization for showing how to do it right! From their brilliant variety of organic vegetables and spices to the walking tour that meanders through the gently sloping landscape, sprinkled with vignettes of our world’s diverse indigenous livestock and agricultural crops and housing… Stay in touch – more images and stories to come!

Barbara George


Our online store is now closed.

August 12, 2012 1:05 pm

Sorry everyone but our store is now currently closed.If you would like to make a purchase or a donation please call us at (201)-305-5322 or you can always email us at . We will have a paypal donation page soon !


We are sorry for the inconvenience. 

Marcin Jakubowski: Open-sourced blueprints for civilization

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April 27, 2011 1:10 pm

Using wikis and digital fabrication tools, TED Fellow Marcin Jakubowski is open-sourcing the blueprints for 50 farm machines, allowing anyone to build their own tractor or harvester from scratch. And that’s only the first step in a project to write an instruction set for an entire self-sustaining village (starting cost: $10,000).

YouTube Preview Image

For more info click the link below.

Open Source Ecology

“EARTH DAY ~ A Universal Bedtime Story”

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April 21, 2011 12:00 pm


Earth Day ~ A Universal Bedtime Story

Author and illustrator, Barbara L. George, performed ‘live’ readings for the second graders of The Lincoln School in North Bergen, NJ.
“What an impressive group of bright, young people! Their enthusiasm was delightful and they are a great reflection of just how engaging the North Bergen schools and curriculum are. The book sparked eager participation in what became very lively discussions and wonderful observations; from science to literature and the arts.”
Ms. George’s book is filled with adorable celestial characters hovering over  fantastic images of our universe and outer space, captured and contributed by NASA.   Each page is both inspirational and educational with its clever rhymes and beautiful images, appropriate for children, pre-school to second grade.

Last year Ms. George introduced her Earth Day book at The American Museum of Natural History, home of The Hayden Planetarium. The students in the Young Naturalist Class were treated to a ‘live’ reading by its author and illustrator, Barbara L. George on April 22 & 23, 2010 (see photos below).

Myreah Moore (International TV Personality), Jennifer Belfiore (Instructor for Young Naturalists), Barbara L. George (Author and Illustrator) and Albert J. Mastice (Vice President of Global Garden)

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