Wendy Francisco

Global Garden interviews the Artist Behind “GoD and DoG” Wendy Francisco


What was the first inspiration for your “GoD and DoG” and how long did it take you to manifest your idea?

I have never known God to be the angry unreasonable character that he seems to be portrayed as in the media these days. I think of Him as someone who is enthusiastically loving and forgiving – the way dogs are to their owners. I have a wonderful dog, the best dog I have ever known, Caspian. He is a big white livestock guardian dog and he keeps our acreage safe from predators. He is dedicated to watching out for me when I am at the barn late at night.

I was sitting at dinner one night and I suddenly looked at my husband and said, “Don! I have an IDEA!” I dropped my fork and grabbed a piece of paper and wrote this song in a few minutes. I polished the song for about an hour the next day.

What came first; the poem, music, music and lyrics together, the sketches, animation…?
The music and words came at the same time. I sang the song in several concerts and was surprised at the reception. One audience gave me an ovation in the middle of the song! After that concert I thought I should post it on You Tube. I first put together a video based on photos of my dog, but that approach seemed distracting from the song. I have always wanted to animate, so I decided to give it a try.

What is your normal creative process?

I don’t have a normal creative process like many of my artist friends do. Ideas just hit me in any order and somehow projects eventually get completed. Sometimes I will write a melody and hum it for years before I get ideas for lyrics. Sometimes words and melodies come together.

Have you ever posted anything on You Tube before?

Yes but I have never posted anything like this. I have a small Ragdoll Cat cattery and I raise about two Friesian cross foals every two years. I have posted videos of my horses and cats on You Tube. However, I have a stack of ideas for animated songs like GoD and DoG. I have so much to do with this video that I can’t start the next one yet. It looks like GoD and DoG will be a gift book. I am busy working on the layout..

Did you have any idea of the kind of reaction this would receive?
I am completely surprised. It’s amazing!

What do you hope to accomplish through “GoD and DoG”?
I hope for two things: The first thing is that people will rethink God on his own terms – get to know him for who he really is, not for who people say he is. The second thing, is that our animals are wonderful individual beings who walk beside us on this planet. We should look again at them too. We should take good care of them.

Are there any encouraging words you’d like to offer your friends at Global Garden?
I taught children’s art for years and I learned something surprising. I never found a child who did not have artistic ability. But I meet so many people who say, “I would love to sing but I have no voice”, or “I would love to paint, but I have no talent”. My husband had a piano teacher when he was young who told him he had no musical talent whatsoever. But Don has since put out dozens of CDs and traveled the world. I think the things people want to do are clues to their talents. We all need to take a courage pill and go for it!

Wendy ~
We thank you for having the courage and commitment to live your art. Your creation of “GoD and DoG” has touched and inspired us and we look forward to seeing (and hearing) more from you in the future!

~Your Friends at Global Garden