What if ~
in our garden,
there was no variant hue?
There would be no me…
there would be no you.

And if, in our garden
there was only one height…
only things close
would be in our sight.

And if only things blue
were allowed to grow…
what of this life would we truly know?

But we do
have eyes to see
and ears to hear
the bounty of transformative beauty far and near.

It might seem too simple,
but it might be so true.
To observe and appreciate our grand diversity is all we need do.

What if ~
the simple act of appreciating and celebrating our global diversity is the key to
unlocking our previously elusive goal of world peace and environmental stability?

But let’s not kid ourselves. This can not be achieved by human beings.

But it can be accomplished by HUMANE beings… because the ‘E’ changes everything!


Global Garden Foundation
Celebrating Our Diversity Through The Arts,
Including The Art Of Being Humane


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