The Park Trout

To celebrate Art and Nature, this year, Global Garden and the Hudson County Parks Department coordinated efforts on the design, location, acceptance and installation of this year’s Global Garden Gift of Art, for the public’s enjoyment.

Special Thanks to:

• Anthony Vainieri
• Russell Fallacara
• Michael Ascolese
• Karen DeFazio
• Gina Hulings
• Krista Kenny

On February 29, 2020, Artist, Greg Napolitan, delivered our commissioned gift, we call ‘The Park Trout’, a 5 foot carved metal Trout.

The delivery day was cold and windy but with the kind and able assistance of the Park’s Construction Team:

• John W. Kennelly
• James Bing
• Antonio Bellavista
• Johnny Veras

The Trout was proudly hung from the Park Building facing the lake which is stocked annually with Trout for all licensed fishing fans (as well as hungry cormorants…).

Dear All,

May this gift of art remind you that the Art of ‘living fully’ is to see each moment as a precious opportunity. So visit the parks often, allow yourself to be immersed in nature, commune with others, make new friends, breath deep and appreciate the art all around you!

Best Always,
Barbara George

Daniel Wasinger
Cathy Harragian
And All Your Friends at
Global Garden Foundation

New Jersey State Fish ~
The Brook Trout

Greg Napolitan with The Fish

Left to right: Karen DeFazio, Gina Hulings, Barbara George, Greg Napolitan, Peter Soderman and Michael Ascolese.

Greg Napolitan with The Fish

Construction Team (from top to bottom, left to right): James Bing, Antonio Bellavista, Johnny Veras and Greg Napolitan.