Bee Friendly

Designing Green-Sustainable Communities

To promote wiser and more green-friendly, sustainable choices for community development we are inviting schools to create a new category in their Science Fairs with the following suggested criteria for judging student submissions: Each proposal must demonstrate how their design would affect a positive change in their community’s prosperity and sustainability through efficient utilization of local natural resources. Their designs must also reduce negative impacts on their community’s soil, water and air. We also suggest that they examine different methods for harnessing and distributing naturally-sourced energies such as; solar, wind, tidal and magnetic.

Every Earth Day Global Garden will begin accepting student’s designs that have been judged to be the winner from each state in the Green-Sustainable Community category. These submissions will then be judged by the Board of Directors who will select the top ten designs which will then be posted for the public to vote for the final winner who will receive a Global Garden Scholarship for their continued education.

If you would like to make a donation toward our scholarship fund, you can pay by using PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Card.  Please click the globe below: