Dear Friends,

Every day we’re encouraged to wash our hands. But, here’s a method that promises to not only keep you safe and clean, it will help us all stay green friendly!

Step one:
Turn the hot water on and off quickly (two times), enough to wet your hands and allow the hot water to fill the pipes and warm them without wasting extra water.

Step two:
Now, with the water OFF, you can take your time to lather and scrub your hands.

Step three:
Now, when you’re ready to rinse, the water will be nice and warm for a thorough (but quick) rinse.
This saves at least one gallon every time you wash your hands (a good tip for showers too)!
Think of all the water you’ll be saving, not to mention energy used to warm all those previously wasted gallons!

Stay safe and stay healthy!

Warmest regards,
Your Friends at Global Garden