Cultural Diversity:

After experiencing segregation in my early years, only to discover later in life how truly beautiful all our people are, I knew I wanted to dispel the myth and notion that any one people is better than another for reasons of ethnicity.

Instead of thinking that we know one another let’s greet each other with our most valuable asset and gift, curiosity.

When curiosity leads our interactions we naturally dismantle erroneous ethnocentric notions and build authentic relatedness not from fear of our differences, but rather appreciation.

The spice of life is found at the table of diversity. Join us in celebrating our cultural diversity; yours, mine and our colorful world!

Nature Will Guide Us:

On this Earth Day, let’s rely on simple solutions found every day in nature.  Humankind’s complexities will be improved by Nature’s efficiencies.

Technology can continue to break down everything to the smallest energy level and still not get to the solution of our problems.

With each and everyone of our acts of thoughtfulness towards the environment, every small act has a direct and positive effect for the overall good.

Nature’s creation will lead technology…it’s time to get our hands dirty!

The Social Impact Of Art:

You can find art everywhere, it’s all around us. You will see it hung in cafes, covering an entire building wall, or even hear it on your radio.

Whether the source is a concert, book, or painting, it will always capture our attention and give us the chance to see and feel others’ thoughts and ideas.

Art impacts us in a positive way. It provides us with self expression and the opportunity to be creative and to appreciate those who have created for us.

It is also a universal language and effectively initiates communication between individuals. Its social impact is powerful and can bring us together to share thoughts and ideas. This helps us bridge the gap between cultures so that we may learn more about one another.