Ms. George’s Earth Day book is filled with adorable celestial characters hovering over fantastic images of our universe and outer space, captured and contributed by NASA. Each page is both inspirational and educational with its clever rhymes and beautiful images, appropriate for children, pre-school to second grade.


Ms. George’s first public reading was performed at The American Museum of Natural History, home of The Hayden Planetarium 2010 students of The Young Naturalist Class.

Barbara L. George at her premier reading April 22 & 23, 2010 (see photos below).


Myreah Moore (International TV Personality), Jennifer Belfiore (Instructor for Young Naturalists), Barbara L. George (Author and Illustrator) and Albert J. Mastice (Vice President of Global Garden)


Young Naturalists enjoy book reading

“Ms. George’s book encourages its readers to appreciate and embrace the diversity of our universe (the stars, moons, planets and plutoids) as well as our world and its wonderful cultural diversity!”

~ Class Rose Center, Hayden Planetarium,   AMNH


Barbara autographs books for Young Naturalists

“It was a great honor to be able to introduce Earth Day a Universal Bedtime Story at the home of the Hayden Planetarium.”

This year young people are treated to a very special YouTube animated video reading with wonderful, whimsical voiceovers characters: Voices – Universal Cast of Characters:

Barbara Lee George – Narrator & Saturn Fan
Even Steven Levee – The Sun & Plutoids Fan
Steve Nichol – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune Planet Fans

To schedule live reading, contact:


PHONE: (201) 305-5322