William Drummond – Pattern Designer

William is not only a University of Fashion instructor, but also a fashion designer with a strong interest in eco design and sustainable practices in the fashion industry. He is part of the new wave of designers and entrepreneurs that implement more conscious and careful practices within the fashion design field – a philosophy the University of Fashion is proud to share. His design aesthetic can be described as “traditional feminine with a modern twist, and a focus on unique fabric selection as well as unconventional trims and embellishments.”William has worked in Europe for fashion houses such as Tom Ford and Marchesa, and in the U.S. for Thakoon, Sears, K-mart and Theory. His educational background includes the London Academy of Dressmaking and Design, Parsons The School of Design and he holds a BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology. As a consultant, and with a strong background in patternmaking, garment construction and design, William aides many small designers with their businesses, from design development right through to production – a true educator in every sense of the word. William is committed to working with Barbara George and Global Garden in the development of game-changing fashion design and production.


Laura Stacy – Original Batik Artist

Laura Stacy creates vibrant batik designs on natural fiber fabrics. She transforms blank cottons and canvas into wearable art. The once ordinary purse or shirt is transformed into art in motion when a Laura Stacy batik design is carried into daily life or out, for a night on the town.

Batik- (Ba`teek) is an ancient Indonesian art of hand-dying fabric. In a batik design hot wax is placed in specific areas on the fabric using a tjanting (jaunting) tool. The wax acts as a barrier allowing the remaining non-waxed fabric to absorb the dye that is applied. Once the dye dries, more wax is added, followed by more dye, repeating the process over and over for each color used in the design. When the process is complete the wax is removed leaving a design locked into the fibers.

Laura’s many repeat customers consistently report their purses survive years and years of active use. The evolution in her art from year to year attracts new and former customers to her unique batik designs.

And so she draws more. Makes more. And brings them out for others to see. Diaper bags, Messenger bags, evening clutches, daily wear purses; no two are ever exactly alike. Because they’re all hand drawn and hand dyed, they are intensely thought about and meticulously fretted over, massaged, baked, boiled, and shaped into original expressions of an ancient artistic craft.

She is obsessed with colors and patterns and can’t wait to see her designs come to life. Geometric patterns in bold contrasting colors, bright florals, and whimsical insects, butterflies and dragonflies are some of the more popular batiks Laura has created.

“I learned how to batik in the colorful culture explosion of the early 70s when a hippie friend taught me the magical, but time-consuming technique in her basement. It was a time for wild pattern maxi dresses and Peter Max designs and we went where imagination could take us with the garage doors up and the sun streaming down on our work tables.” This early instruction led Laura to a textile design major at Auburn University.

She is a long time juried member of ADC – Alabama Designer Craftsmen and has served as Vice President of that organization. She exhibits her unique batik creations at numerous art shows and galleries around the State and it was at an art show in the City of Birmingham that Barbara George discovered Laura and her fantastic artistic gift, which was perfect for project that Barbara had been designing.






Nate Ferris – Wearable Technology Designer

Nate is a Senior Electrical Engineer currently working in Manhattan and a former SpaceX employee. Nate brings a significant and unique set of engineering skills to the table. In his free time, Nate also enjoys designing, sourcing, and producing his own unique fashion products, ranging from sweaters to sunglasses. Nate is also a skilled painter.





Shira Oze Hopfer
Shira is a freelance designer with over 15 years experience designing and manufacturing women’s, men’s and children’s apparel and accessories. With expertise in production and design for such notables as Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret, Shira’s experience brought a distinctive style to our initial four concept sketches, from casual to couture for The Wearable Purse:

In 2015 Shira created her own child’s wear line, Little Babe, which was featured last year in British Vogue.

Little Babe is available at: