We at Global Garden are committed to growing a healthy and balanced local and global economy through introducing a whole new business paradigm.

We are initiating this with the design of our first suggested product,

Wearable Purse Concept by Barbara George, Prototype Design by Will Drummond, Original Artwork by Laura Stacy and Integrated Solar Panels by Nate Ferris

The Wearable Purse/Wallet:

One of the funniest Seinfeld episodes featured George’s wallet. Men are all too familiar with the pain and the location of the pain!

And women often can resemble donkeys, saddled with a strap over one shoulder, helping to offer yet another pain in their necks.

Now with the solution of a Wearable Purse/Wallet the wearer can experience a whole new empowered, balanced, hands free style… that you won’t easily lose or misplace. Because you’re wearing it!

By redesigning the traditional purse/wallet, which has been the symbol of wealth and holder of our personal currency and valuables, we hope to transform nothing less than our culture around the economy to a new inclusive, enlightened and conscious approach to prosperity, for all.


Our Slogan: From our hearts to your hearts…

To get this ball rolling we are not following the traditional pattern. Instead, we will distribute our Wearable Purse/Wallet patterns to any interested local and global design and manufacturing companies that wish to partner, AGAIN in a new, non traditional way so that we will can share our designs with you. By doing, this we are giving you, and all of us an unprecedented opportunity to change the rules of economic growth. By joining forces, growing locally and globally, this new micro/macroeconomic paradigm will make prosperity a team sport accessible to all.


Anyone can join the team in the creative arena with your own unique WP design, manufacturers of textiles and pattern assemblers with local people, plants, distributors, retailers, marketers…

Through establishing this new Purse/Wallet we will not only be making a new accessory to hold our valuables, but we will be creating and acknowledging a new shared value ~ Each Other.

Our current design options incorporate a variety of styles, from casual to couture and will also include new solar technology for charging phones, etc.

See Wearable Purse/Wallet Team Here