Barbara L. George



Artist, Author, Composer, and International Prosperity and Relationship Coach, Barbara George took her own coaching to “Never complain about anything unless you are willing to do something to improve it!” when she asked Albert Mastice and Cathy Harragian to join her in creating Global Garden. Born in Birmingham Alabama, where prejudice was the social “norm”, Barbara witnessed, first hand, how ethnocentric attitudes robbed both cultures of their humanity. But Barbara was privileged to glimpse into a world where color was not an issue. As the only daughter of Frank and Margo George, Barbara was offered an intimate view of the world of music and the arts. (Barbara’s mother was the host of a local jazz radio program and her father was the manager of the Pop Symphony Orchestra). This world inspired her to see how celebrating diversity through the arts could open doors for better appreciation and understanding.

This new appreciation for our diversity also inspired her children’s book, “Earth Day, a Universal Bedtime Story” which offers children the opportunity to see themselves (and the Earth) as the stars do, with a more objective and loving perspective, in the hope that one day people might greet one another with an open spirit of curiosity that will engender respect and affinity.